Saturday, February 15


 The afternoon sun pouring through her window this afternoon.  It was a warm day here today, I can't complain though we have been having nice summer days.
A dear friend sent me this beautiful card filled with kindness.
Miss 10's new birthday watch, very groovy indeed.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far it's been a busy one socially here not for me but for my girls, life does change as children grow up in a good way.


  1. What beautiful colours in your Miss 's light and bright....just like that spiffy new watch she has.....hope the weekend isn't too full on I don't know.... at what point do they start having better social lives than their parents...or is it that we choose to be a little more quiet...i know that is our case....xxxx

  2. your pictures are always so beautiful Catherine, I hope all is well x

  3. That top picture is beautiful. Love the details of the room and the gorgeous light and colours.

    Thinking of you lots.

    Rachel xo

  4. So glad my card has arrived and I hope my words gave you some comfort xx

  5. Loving the light in those top 2 photos
    And isn't Amanda's handwriting the neatest you've ever seen??!!


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