Friday, February 21


It was housework day today, the washing is now done folded and put away leaving a free weekend.
So what to do, a trip to the beach, a bit of gardening, not sure yet we haven't made any real plans.  
Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend?
May your weekend be a great one whatever you do.


  1. If I took a photo of my laundry pile tonight you would see that it is my entire weekends agenda! Wish mine was as organised as yours. Hopefully by Sunday I will have a similar photo to share!!! Have a wonderful weekend however you choose to spend it!

  2. Great feeling having all that out of the your neatest folding of those sheets! Have a great weekend. xxxx

  3. Well done Catherine. I wish I could say the same. We do have a family get together today though which will be good. xxoo

  4. great work Catherine! As I listen to my washing machine spinning it's third load so far today. Big plans today, some relaxation, a visit to the library, lamb chops for dinner with crunchy chat potatoes! and a family visit tomorrow. Hope yours is a good one, whatever you decide to do. Jane xx


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