Saturday, February 22


 Just a quiet one today.  My youngest enjoyed some quiet time creating outside and inside
she had fun cocooned in her new tee pee that she and her Dad made on a whim, it sure was the perfect weather for it today grey and dreary. I love how he does these things for her.  And my space ready for creating, I just didn't quite get there but must finish this project soon as Miss 10 may not be as keen to sleep under a cute girly quilt for much longer.  That was what Saturday looked like around here....


  1. I like a quiet weekend at home best of all. Your day sounds perfect to me. I really like your sewing space looks like such a cheerful spot to be creative. Ps Your photos are so sharp - I always enjoy the images you take xx

  2. Grey and dreary...hmmmm hot and sunny here....there has been tent sleeping here ....what a great tee pee for some solitary fun xxx

  3. Your Sunday looks lovely, it's so nice seeing Dad's doing things with their daughters :). The quilt is looking pretty, hugs Wendy xx

  4. What a lovely sewing spot. xxoo


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