Tuesday, February 25


 I spy some happy mail in my letterbox, this months Country Style.  And I spy some wasps I need to get rid asap.
The dishes all done, the aftermath of a morning of baking.  I decided to try a couple of new recipes
today with what I had in the cupboard Healthy Chocolate Date Balls and Tammy's Simple Chocolate Slice.  Plans were changed and rescheduled, and a plumber booked for tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers it's nothing serious they are not cheap tradespeople ......


  1. Country Style mag. We only get mail 3 days/week. I hope mine is in the mail tomorrow. I love how your sink is near your door....hopefully a cool breeze wafts through in summer.....and it would make you feel close to nature. xxoo

  2. Happy Mail makes for a lovely cup of coffee the next day....thanks for sharing the chocolate slice, it looks like something my guys would enjoy. x

  3. Hello, beautiful you! Finally have had the chance to sit down and read some of my favorites again - what a relaxing time spent here. Missing you lots. So wonderful to see all of these glimpses into your life. Hoping you've been wonderful, Catherine.

  4. Oh you make me jealous with you photography.....clever clever lady x

  5. Love these photos. those wasps may be pesky, but they sure make for a brilliant photo! I hope the plumber wasn't too much! xo


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