Sunday, February 23


We took a drive together today, the weather didn't look promising but we continued on our quest to spend the day by the beach. With all that happened last month Miss 10 didn't get quite the celebration she deserved so this was for her today. It ended up being a nice day even with the wind and showers which hurried our lunch along.  We even managed to find this hidden jewel called Laguna Lookout Noosa where we stopped to have our lunch a gorgeous view without the crowds. I really enjoyed being out, putting things to the back of my mind and spending uninterrupted time together.


  1. Sometimes the best time to explore is when the weather is not great...beautiful views. xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely day Catherine. xxoo

  3. what a nice day out. That quality time together is so precious isn't it, and good breathing space your soul Catherine. I bet you had a nice lunch too, with some delicious homebake!! Stella and I made the chocolate cake you share the other day. It didn't work out for us, but we did substitute the coconut flour for plain flour and we used the honey. not sure if the flour was our downfall. oh well, it was still fun to be in the kitchen together. Hope you have a nice week. Jane x


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