Sunday, April 13

103/365 'Sunday Stills'

 Their was some time spent at my Mum's today she's doing some renovating and needed some man power, which means hubby and my brother's help were required.
Miss 10's interest in rainbow looming continues.
This is my mother's dog Buster.  He's growing old, seemingly older since my Dad's passing sadly.
A little wander in the garden through the sprinkles of rain.  There was a walk planned to the creek but the weather wasn't on our side today although I'm enjoying curling up today with a tea and a cardigan on.

How has your weekend been?
Joining Em today.


  1. Lovely shots … the photo of Buster is just gorgeous … and a little bit sad.

  2. beautiful light in your photos, just lovely

  3. Poor Buster - he looks quite forlorn here
    My weekend has been frantic - but I got the loveliest card on Friday - you most certainly should not have but many thanks x

  4. Gorgeous photos as always Catherine. Love the flowers. Take care xxoo

  5. Beautiful Catherine. Poor Buster, it must be so hard for pets to go through this too. Hope your Mum and whole family are doing well....the loom bracelets are still going strong here too xxx

  6. It's a lovely photo of Buster. He does look lost in thought.

  7. I love popping here to see your stills Catherine, you have such a good eye and every photo is a delight to see. Poor Buster, he really is doing some deep thinking there, but a very lovely shot of him. :)

  8. You always capture such beautiful stills Catherine.
    Buster looks like one wise puppy dog.

  9. Oh Buster, what a soul. And I love the deep greens of the garden.

  10. A little rainy weekend ....mmmm sounds delightful. Hope the time at your mums was precious. Xxx


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