Wednesday, April 30


And so the motivation continues with my unfinished craft projects so I'm going with it, getting things done, it feels good like I'm getting back to myself again with crafting.  I have almost sewn the rows together now for my Miss 10's quilt I bought the fabric for way back here. I think for me the reason why I don't get things done is mostly motivation.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the size of my projects but I really like to challenge myself too. Then when things are just that little bit different I freeze because I don't want to make a mistake.  I know it doesn't matter if I do make a mistake it means I'm learning so I'm pushing past those invisible barriers and getting things achieved.

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.


  1. Love love love that quote. Awesome. Me thinks that's a quote for some embroidery and hanging on the wall.

    Adoring the colours of your quilt top so much. Beautiful indeedy!

    I often find crafting a road to myself. Not sure why. Is it the meditation? The building of something? The expression of love? The being? Whatever it is ... it works! Take care of you.

  2. The quilt is looking gorgeous, such pretty colours! It is so nice getting time to craft and yours is lovely. Hugs Wendy


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