Wednesday, April 30


I got some happy mail in my letterbox today, all for me, well for me to make things with.  The other day I was looking for yarn shops localish to me and came across Yay for Yarn.  I have been wanting to buy some cotton for ages to make more dishcloths and thought this yarn would be perfect, cotton and recycled. I also needed some circular needles for a baby blanket I want to make so I bought a pair of those too. I do enjoy getting presents in the mail even if I had to buy them for myself.
Have you bought anything just for you recently?


  1. Sadly no.....but I have a few things on a list...maybe I can scam some of them for Mother's Day presses....happy creating with your new gifts xxxx

  2. No... but that is because I am trying so hard to use up all the other stuff I have bought for me in the past!!!


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