Wednesday, April 9


 We took a trip to the library today.  I'm pretty sure I've got all of my favourite topics covered in this haul.
The loom craze has made it's way into our home.  She has been busy for hours creating lots of bracelets.
I got a little bit of Easter shopping done for my little nieces and nephews. I'm thinking of putting just one egg in the cups along with a spoon and a sticker sheet to go with the book.  And to go along with the board book for my one year old niece, maybe a bunny softie, that's the plan anyway.
This was our dinner tonight, give it a try it is sooo tasty that even both of my girls will eat it.

How has your Wednesday been?  


  1. Cute Easter gifts! Think that roasted vegetable pasta might have to be added to our menu plan for next week! A wet, slow and indoors Wednesday here xx

  2. I would just love a read of those books now, Catherine! And that pasta looks delicious too. :)

  3. Love the egg guys have quite the collection from many easter gifts. Xx

  4. I've been meaning to go to the library. Thanks for the reminder. xxoo

  5. that book pile. perfection. i love the library, like a little treasure hunt every time. although with the girls still little i tend to borrow and hold the pretty pile on my shelf as a reminder that one day i will read again;) xx

  6. The loom craze arrived in our house this afternoon! Nice pile of books for browsing too. Jx


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