Tuesday, April 8


It was the second day of school holidays here and a yearly trip to the optometrist was in order.  No glasses for me even though my eyes are six years older since my last test (where did that time go), which I was really pleased about.
I have to say I'm really enjoying not having the time pressure of school drop off and pick up, just having the day flow smoothly.  I feel lighter and freer. No plans have been made although a trip to the beach would be nice; a bush walk too; a trip to the museum or art gallery and I most definitely want to make some hot cross buns this year.  Have you got any must do plans for your holidays?


  1. Our Spring Break starts Thursday afternoon and I can't wait. 10 days of freedom! Woohoo! Enjoy your quiet family time. Tammy

  2. I certainly know what you mean Catherine, I too am enjoying the break from school pick up and drop offs. I feel like I have forgotten to do something important though! Enjoy your time off with your family. I am busy working but I need to fit in some time to make Easter bonnets. :)))

  3. As little as possible that requires structure....a little office work is needed but other than that.....
    So glad you are enjoying the early days of holidays xxx

  4. sounds like you are chilled for the holidays. I had my eyes checked last week and my prescription has increased. just reading glasses, so am sporting a groovy new pair of ray bans by the bedside table!! A trip to the beach or Art gallery sounds sooo nice. enjoy the time with your girls. No plans here, except juggling my work with some time with the kids. Jx


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