Tuesday, May 13


I think she has more jewellery than I do, so so many earrings given to her as gifts.  I love that she keeps it safe in her music box, something all girls seem to love.
 She is always creating something.  She picked these roses on Sunday and made a little bit of art with them on her beside table.
I was looking on my favourite website and saw this and hinted a little about liking it.  And on Sunday morning it was all wrapped up just for me so today I tested it with my favourite blueberry smoothie.  I think it might have tasted even better...


  1. loving your drinking jar! that musical jewellery box brings back happy memories, I wish I'd kept mine for olive she loves jewellery already!

  2. Aww the memories of ballerina jewellery boxes..looks like she has some lovely jewels....and loving that new pressie just right for blueberry smoothies. Xx

  3. What a sweet girl you have! I love the rose art ~ I used to do similar creations!! Beautiful.
    Love, M+B


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