Sunday, May 11

131/365 'Mother's Day'

How was your mother's day?  Did you get spoilt, I hope so.
My mother's day was simple, cuddles, thoughtful gifts, handmade cards, breakfast and then after dinner tonight a yummy dessert made by
Miss 10.
We also spent time at my Mum's for morning tea which didn't end till we left at 3 o'clock, a perfect day...
Handmade cards made by Miss 14. (Photo taken by my hubby)
Watching with anticipation the big unwrapping.
My Mum's new bathroom almost finished.
Me taking a selfie in her new bathroom.
A flower gifted to me, tucked safely in my pocket.
Flowers and roses in bloom in Mum's garden.


  1. Looks like a lovely day. I posted flowers today too. Must be a Mother's Day thing. Happy Mother's Day Catherine. xxoo

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful day. So many lovely flowers. Handmade goodness too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day......lots of beautiful colour and memories filled your day xxxxx

  4. Your photography continues to be amazing. Happy you had a lovely day. Your Mum's bathroom looks great, love the floor. And yay to getting yourself in more pictures.

  5. Sounds like a perfect Mothers Day to me. And gorgeous flowers, I never tire of looking at flowers xx

  6. What a beautiful garden! So much colour. Love the little one tucked into your pocket. :) Your Mothers Day sounds like it was a fantastic one. xx


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