Sunday, May 25

145/365 'Sunday Stills'

 We went up for a Sunday visit to see my Mum, Nan and my Aunt as she was visiting.
At my Nan's place, there are so many plants to take photos of. It's her thing to collect more plants and propagate new ones.  She bought herself a greenhouse when out shopping with her younger sister who is 81 years old, she too has a thing for plants.  It's quite sweet really to hear of their adventures together.
A walk through my Mum's garden and through her home to inspect her newly polished floors.  Her home looks beautiful now, finally finished and she can be proud.
Sisters. (My Mum is on the left and her sister on the right)

I'm joining Em today for Weekly Stills.


  1. Gardening is so healthy for people and such a passion. I love the photo of the house through the trees and the lighting. Great to get to see your family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Pretty flowers. Lovely story about your Nan. I love your Mum's house (I think it is). And don't you look like your Mum? Have a lovely week Catherine. xxoo

  3. Gorgeous pictures … I love the flowers in the top shot … they're beautiful :0)

  4. Beautiful light! Love your words about your Nan! X

  5. I think gardening helps keep people young - your Nan looks great and good to see her still planning new adventures. Your Mum and her sister look much alike.

  6. gardening is so good for the soul...and the health!
    I can see the family resemblance between you and your aunt and mum

  7. What a great greenhouse.
    I lobe gardening and I wish I could find this kind of greenhouse.
    Your flowers looks beautiful
    Gardening is do good.


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