Saturday, May 24


 In my garden this morning I spotted a kookaburra sitting on the girls swing.  I quickly got the camera, walked out in my pjs and by the time I got there it was gone.  Just when I thought my effort to get the camera out was in vain I turned to walk back to the veggie garden and spotted the kookaburra on the fence.  I quietly crept up getting closer before it flew away.  It's always lovely to see birds in the garden. The other photo is of my veggie patch in the morning light, I love the bright crisp colour of Autumn light.
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


  1. I love your veggie patch and your kookaburra has more white than the ones we see around our place. Beautiful time of day....

  2. Beautiful birds.....are the nets around your veggie patch to keep something out....looks like it could be a very productive space xxx happy weekend

  3. Oh, She's a beauty. xx

  4. Oh look at that kookie - what a beautiful bird! I love that it was sitting on the fence when you turned around! Cheeky little thing :)

  5. I just love kookaburras... such happy birds. Is the netting over your vegetable garden to keep birds out? What do you have planted in there?


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