Wednesday, May 7


Well it's been a while, a while for me anyway. I do enjoy my little space here and doing this 365 project.  I am finding it a little challenging at times, motivation waining, lack of inspiration at times too but I really want to keep doing it.  My hope is that my photography grows and my photos get better but most of all I am hoping it will also be healing too. Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 63rd birthday.  I wish he could be here to celebrate with us but he can't so we are going to celebrate it in his memory at his favourite restaurant.  I think we might even make it a ritual, to keep it a happy, special day always.  So what have I been up this last week.....
 I got out in the garden and planted some new seedlings.
We were invited to lunch on Sunday so I got Miss 14 to work and she made this delicious chocolate tart and this pastry recipe. No really she loves to bake and she especially enjoys all the tasting as she goes too.
Our neighbour got married on Saturday.  What a surprise to find a cute wedding car in the street.
I got the knitting needles clicking and made a new dishcloth for the kitchen, just a simple moss stitch pattern.
I have been doing some more sewing and I have finished the top of Miss 10's quilt top.
More pretty mail in my letterbox.  I will be making one of these blankets with the yarn for a little baby girl.
Baking day yesterday.  I made these yummy biscuits if you are looking for inspiration for lunch boxes.
And there was also a bit of card making done today.  This one is for a boy who just turned 11 years old.

Have you had a good week?


  1. Lovely moments! If you see you had quite diverse days :) I like the yarn you chose for the blanket. Also the quilt...
    Have a nice day ahead!

  2. The photos are looking beautiful already! I really wish I could take pretty pictures, mine look like an ID parade :( Time does heal, especially if you fill it with beautiful memories. Take care :)

  3. Dear Catherine - I hadn't realised your dad was so young. I hope the dinner is a lovely one and that a special new ritual can be created in his memory.
    The tart looks fantastic - you have taught her well
    Have a lovely week

  4. Thinking of you glad you could find the space to celebrate...and yes it will be a great healing tool to celebrate your dad's life each year.
    Loving you photos too....what's not to love about baking and crafting space. Xxxxx

  5. Hi Catherine. My thoughts are with you, as always. I do hope you had a special time at the restaurant. Isn't it soooo hard getting used to life without them, especially on the 'special' occasions. I hear what you mean about the 365 project. you might have noticed I have dropped off. Needing a break for a while and give more to my own day to day life. I love the birthday card. do you handcut the triangles out of the paper or do you have a paper punch for that? My week.... well, have been on a little cruise with my love, we celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 6th May. Hope you have a good weekend and a happy mothers day tomorrow. Jane xx

  6. Hi Catherine, that is such a lovely idea to mark your dad's birthday in a positive family way. Love all your makings, the tart Miss 14 makes looks delicious, and I love the quilt :) Hugs Wendy xx


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