Saturday, May 10


Thank you to the lovely people who left messages of support on my last post, I really do appreciate your caring words.  I know that I have talked about my Dad a lot recently, it is on my mind always and it is a challenge working through my emotions. I think with events like Easter and birthdays it just makes working through those emotions a little harder but I am getting there slowly and I really appreciate you all being here with me during this time.  My blog is all about me and my life, sad and happy. I won't always talk about my feelings regarding my Dad but for those who have experienced a loss so close will understand the journey and for those who have not may find comfort knowing that all you feel is perfectly normal too. My focus is to talk about more happy because there is so much  I have to be happy and grateful for, my family and my friends and you my blogging friends, thank you. So here is what the last few days looked like for me.
Card making for mother's day.
Dinner out to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  We had such a wonderful time, something we will definitely be doing again next year.
The day spent with my mother in law for mother's day.  Tomorrow we will be at my Mum's celebrating with her both mother's day and her birthday, always such a busy time of year.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day to all the mother's out there celebrating mother's day tomorrow.


  1. Wow so many celebratory moments for you is full of ups and downs, the trick is learning to ride them all and appreciate them for all they are and bring to our lives. Xxxx
    Happy Mother's Day

  2. It is still such early days for you, I think it is lovely that you keep mentioning your dad and had your special family dinner. My sisters and I have made a tradition of visiting Mum's grave with Dad on the anniversary of her death and then taking Dad out to a cafe. He really appreciates the company and it has become a special time. Hugs to you xx

  3. What a wonderful way to honour your dad. It is how you keep him alive, even though he is no longer physically present. What a beautiful family you have, Catherine. Happy Mother's Day to you. xxx


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