Saturday, June 7


My god daughter turns 18 on Monday.  Oh my where has the last 18 years gone, I'm feeling a bit old now.
Surprise flowers from my hubby.
There has been a lot of tea drinking this week.
Pillows were on special so we all now have fluffy new pillows to use, it's the simple things...
I'm up to my fourth colour now.
A couple of books I put on hold at the library.  Too many books not enough time to read them all but I'll try.
And one extra photo just because.

It's a long weekend here this weekend, yeah!!!
How has your Saturday been?


  1. Lots of loveliness Catherine. What are you knitting? Your last photo is amazing. Yes, a long weekend, so good. I have had a lovely day pottering, knitting, time outside and grocery shopping which I don't like but I'm pleased it's done. Enjoy the weekend xxoo

  2. There's been lots of pondering about growing up and reminiscing in your last few posts - I find I get like that in winter too!
    Love how the baby blanket is going

  3. I love, love, LOVE your cards! Have I said that before?! You just make the most simple of ideas look amazing. It looks like you have had a good week. I hope the weekend is going well too!

  4. All very creative pictures, the second one is my favourite.


  5. Gorgeous photos - I know what you mean about books and time! So many to read, so many recommended and need to read, so many I want to re-read! I love the colour of those flowers too xx

  6. What a cute bday have also reminded me it is time to change all our pillows too.....we had a long weekend last week...enjoy yours xxxxx

  7. What gorgeous flowers! I love that they are more blue than the usual purple hued ones. I request lots of books from our local library too, actually, one came in for me yesterday that I have yet to collect...


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