Tuesday, June 3

151/365 'Reminiscing'

I have to confess I love to be organised, not that that happens all the time though. I like to have things tidy before I go to bed, to arrange things in order and to put things back into their homes.  Perhaps it is a bit of a compulsion of mine, a quirk of sorts, but I am happy when things are like that. I suppose it's one of the few things that can be controlled unlike the rest of life. I also like to hold onto keepsakes too, all of those precious bits and bobs find a home in plastic containers where I can look upon them and reminisce.  My first born was a lucky little one, the first grandchild born (on both sides of the family) into a family of crafters and knitters.  My mother in law I am sure but can't remember by now, was knitting away as soon as she was told she was going to be a grandmother.  I have a container filled with handmade knits; baby booties; a blankets as well as the baby clothes that my two came home in; the bassinet sheets they both used and a poncho knitted by my Mum.  I think at the time I felt blessed but I feel it all over again.  My oldest kind of rolls her eyes a little, Mum she thinks is keeping all this 'stuff' whatever for, old people.....I keep telling her though she will appreciate it when she grows older and will love looking back on all of the things she once wore and made.  So you can imagine my distress this morning when I looked up into the cupboard to find ants had made a home in the container where these precious knits are stored.   I climbed up the ladder and madly dusted and cleaned and thankfully there was no damage to the precious bits and bobs I had stored neatly in the cupboard.  I do miss my two being little with little hands and feet, those smells and the innocence they possessed.  But that time has come and gone and it's on to a new chapter of watching them develop into young adults and create their own paths in life. It's a tough gig being a parent, bitter sweet at times but a blessing for which I am grateful.

Are you a collector of bits and bobs too?
Maybe I'm not the only quirky one who likes things just so;)
Any natural remedy ideas for those pesky ants?


  1. Oh yes a collector of special memories indeed...I shared most of my girls hand knits with my nieces that came along after ...I have a few....I have way to much stuff taking up way too much space....sigh...yes this parenting gig takes on a whole new meaning as they grow into young people....lots of good in it though. xxx

  2. Oh gosh, look at those sweet teeny knits!!! Of course you have to keep these things - they're so precious. My Mum has only recently given me a little bag of things from when I was a baby and I love that she had kept them all these years. I've stored a few of Eleanor's things away (must check on their condition, thanks for the reminder!) and Flynn is still using some of the boys' things. As for organisation, I really need to be better at that. I do like things 'just so' but obviously not enough to prompt me in to getting them that way :-) Mel xxx

  3. These are so lovely, the new baby phase comes and goes so quickly. I have been a bit of a collector, and there are some things I will keep forever, although I have been moving things on of late. All my younger brothers are now starting families of their own and I'm very excited to pass some special little pieces on to them.

  4. Oh they are so precious. I think I kept everything given to me that was handmade if it was still in good enough condition after my three. It is heart breaking to pack them away for the last time but I totally wouldn't have it any other way either. xx

  5. They are precious and looks so gorgeous in your photos. I have kept some special clothes, but especially the beautiful knitted shawl my mother made for my first child. xx

  6. What gorgeous keepsakes to have held onto!! I've kept special pieces for my girls too. I hope that one day they appreciate the things I've held onto. I remember being little and wondering why my Mum had kept so many baby clothes. Eventually she got rid of a lot and when I had Grace, I was sad that she didn't still have them all :) It''s funny how our appreciation for such pieces changes as we grow older. I've kept special pieces of clothes for my girls, blankets, a few baby toys and so on.


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