Tuesday, July 8


Heavy photo post ahead.
Sorry it's been so long since I've been here I can't quite believe a week has almost gone.
I think I may have missed out a photo for Saturday, I'm not quite sure what we did oh yes I 
remember we did the housework so not many photo worthy moments that day.
But I do have lots of photos to share of our little getaway so hopefully that makes up for the missing Saturday photo.  The four of us + Molly loaded the car with all our things and made the drive down south to Byron Bay.  We found a home among the hills a short drive south of Byron, with views to the ocean, cows and horses as our neighbours, just tucked away from the road.  When we drove up the driveway we couldn't quite believe we had such stunning views all to ourselves. Over the next couple of days we explored Broken Heads beach, Lennox Head, Ballina, Newrybar, Bangalow and Brunswick Heads.  We saw whales and visited lighthouses. We walked the beach as the sun set when the sand was as cold as ice.  We sat by the beach by park light and had fish and chips entertained by a fire performer. We ate at different places and  now love raw pizza, I might just need to buy myself a dehydrator.. It really was a great time, time to be together, time to try new things, to visit and explore new places and to leave the routine of home life behind.  
 Our first beach walk, brrr it was cold.
 Beach selfies
 Broken Head
 It doesn't matter that it was cold, she still waded in the water.
 Our first sunset.
 Lennox Head
 She needed new shoes and fell in love with these sparkly ones bonus for me is that they were on sale.
 Walking down to to the edge but not too close, Lennox Head.
 Looking down towards Ballina.
 We visited where the make Thursday Plantation products and brought a few home with us.
 My cow friend.
 Sunset Byron Bay.
 Byron Bay lighthouse.
 Sunset Byron Bay.
 Sunrise this morning, then I jumped back into bed.
 Some new reading material which I haven't sat down to read yet.
Brunswick Heads, such a lovely beach spot that we could all enjoy.

I have to say this was one of my favourite holidays, I am so glad that things fell into place.
Winter in Australia is just perfect.


  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me! You have captured beautifully one of my absolute favourite places to holiday with my family. And such a great place to get the camera out and practice, practice, practice!

  2. Such beautiful images! I holidayed in that area when I was younger and fell in love with Lennox Head and your photos took me back there, just for a moment! I love your 'country living' shots of the sunset and your sunrise and they make me want to live on acres with pretty views a whole lot more!
    Holidays in Winter are really lovely, the best time really....

  3. Hi Catherine. What a stunning part of the world. we will be holidaying there in a few months. soooo looking forward to it. Love the pic of hubby and girls walking down that track towards the edge. Love to know where you stayed. funny if its the same place we are booked into!! Raw pizza?? tell me more.. stay warm and happy! Janex

  4. I love the beach in winter in Australia!!
    Gorgeous holiday photos Catherine
    I am missing that Australian blue sky and the vast spaces and emptiness a lot at the moment

  5. This looks and sounds so wonderful, Catherine! I am so jealous of that sunshine! x

  6. What beautiful photos, it looks such an amazing place to be and sounds like a perfect holiday. So good you could all get away together! Hugs Wendy xx

  7. Magic...all of it......I am taking the kids for a little winter getaway this week...we will do a little cold water wading...and hopefully snap some sunrises and sunsets....if I can dig myself out early enough.
    Thanks for sharing your little bit of inspiration. Xxx

  8. I will need to pester you for info I think... we are deciding where to head in the new year for a holiday... at the moment we're thinking somewhere between The Gold Coast and Byron Bay... Your photos are all so lovely with those blue skies and glorious coastline. I love the feet shot xx


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