Monday, September 15

258-260/365 'Crochet and Celebrations'

I have to confess, (maybe I have done this before?) I am a procrastinator.
My little niece was having a party on the weekend and rather than have everything all ready and wrapped way before the party I was still working on it the night before.  It was finished on time luckily and I was so happy with the end result I might have to make another for my other niece who turns 4 next month.  Sunday came and we all gathered at my brother's house for afternoon tea and Peppa Pig birthday cake.  I love it when we all get together, it feels good though we didn't talk about it, we all missed Dad not being there with us it feels wrong for him not to be there.  Despite his quiet nature, his presence was always felt, I miss him and his quiet ways.... Miss 10 with her sweet nature entertained her cousins and was exhausted when she got home. A lovely way to end the weekend.  How was your weekend?
Joining Ginny today for her yarn along.


  1. Your creative handy work is such the sweetest....I am sure there will be lots more requested once the word gets out. Family gatherings are special occasions. X

  2. That is so adorable...Sienna would love a little purse like that. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Oh my, that little purse is absolutely adorable!! I bet your niece loved it!! Family get togethers always feel different with loved ones missing... I try to think now about how such a gathering would make my Dad smile and hope he is looking down on us all (as opposed to the way I always used to think about everything he was missing out on). It's hard though as there is always that sense of someone missing :( You can see in the last photo above that Miss 10 has a good rapport with little ones... a future teacher perhaps? xx


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