Wednesday, September 17


I have been waiting with anticipation for this flower to reveal itself to me (it's my first successful bulb to grow), but I must be patient, growth takes time. 
Yesterday I got to meet with a wonderful lady, we chatted about children and life. She shared her wisdom with me, encouraged me to believe in myself.  I am so grateful for blogging, for the connections with like minded people I have made and the sharing of knowledge and the support.  Thank you for the chat lovely Tahnee, I look forward to the next time we catch up. 
Miss 10 had ball games today, it was perfect weather for being outside.  She did so well zooming around her team, throwing and catching the ball. She came home with two blue ribbons I will put away later for safe keeping.


  1. What plant is the top flower? An anemone? I let my girls each choose one type of bulb to plant... Grace chose pink freesias, Sophie grape hyacinths, both of which finally flowered last week! x

  2. Look at the colour of that flower! Just beautiful! x

  3. Yay for blogging friends met in real.....and yes that bulb is beautiful xxx


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