Sunday, October 26

293-299/365 'The Week That Was'

Coriander that has gone to flower.
Miss Molly.
My third crochet bag for my other niece who turned 4 this week.
Swirly sunset clouds.
Grey skies and purple jacarandas.
Miss 10.
Crafty work done by Miss 10 and her friend.

Hello and happy Sunday to all of you.  How has your week been? I hope it has been a good one.
It's been a hot one here, there has been the odd grey cloud but no rain and things are brown and dry.
Our jacaranda has now come into flower along with the others in our neighbourhood and it's such a beautiful sight to see.  I have been busy doing some more crafting and was happy to get a couple of gifts out on time which doesn't happen very often.  My Miss 10 had a disco and a sleep over, and a busy Saturday with two of them crafting, painting toe nails, playing games and swinging.  I was also lucky enough to go to a calligraphy workshop, I'll save the pics of that for another post.
Have you done anything special this week? Are you enjoying the Spring weather where you are?


  1. Oh wow a calligraphy class, I would love to do one someday.
    The dolly pegs are adorable. x

  2. Jacarandas are so is one we don't have but always wish we all the crafting going on...what lucky nieces you have to receive such beautiful handmade gifts from their clever Aunty. X have a lovely week...let's pray for rain to green things up for you. X

  3. Your photography is getting even more beautiful. I love the crochet bags you have been making the the peg dolls are adorable. xx

  4. So much lovely!! Lovely the flowers, the follies, the calligraphy class....
    How are you??
    Is all well?

  5. I love the peg dolls, very sweet xx


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