Monday, October 27


Since I was a young teenager I can remember loving the art of calligraphy.  I'm not sure whether I actually attempted do calligraphy back then though.... I can though fondly remember my father carving a pen from a found feather and the ink well he passed on to me from when he was a young boy at school, I still have both things. I must have mentioned my love for calligraphy, as my mother in law bought me a calligraphy set as a Christmas gift.  I pulled them out recently and tried my hand at it after seeing Christina's blog post on 'Feeding Your Creativity'. As much as I tried I wasn't quite achieving the look I liked.  After seeing an article in the newspaper  I decided to email Louise from Floralovely  so when the next workshop was announced I could book in.  So that brings me to yesterday... I set off with my GPS all ready to direct me to Vieille Branche where the workshop was being held.  It was a beautiful place full of old wares, delicious hot chocolates (coffee and tea too) and pastries for us to eat during our break. Louise was lovely sharing her journey and talking us through the technique of creating her beautiful writing, watching over our technique and giving us helpful pointers. It really was the perfect afternoon spent feeding my creativity, learning something new, meeting new people and having delicious treats to eat.  I am so glad I went and grateful to be able to go, it felt good to get out and do something new for myself.
What do you do to feed your creativity?


  1. Yay for you Catherine! I am so happy that you had this wonderful creative time for yourself. So important for us mamas to nurture ourselves in this way. And then so lucky for us to see these photos! Inspiring stuff xx

  2. Beautiful images, it looks a wonderful place and so inspiring. A lovely chance for you to feed your creativity. xx

  3. Well done doing a creative workshop in an area you are so interested in. It must have been a wonderful day. I remember my Nanna bought me a calligraphy set for my birthday when I was young. I used to love practising all the letters :)


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