Thursday, October 30


It's not always easy to catch up with friends between busy children and just life stuff so when I do I really enjoy myself no matter what we do.  Today my friend, her little boy and I went to the park for morning tea and a play.  It was lovely to finally sit down and chat. I enjoyed going to the park, I miss that we don't go as often these days so I always enjoy having little ones around.  Here are some photos I took today of our park visit.


  1. That doesn't look like just any old ordinary is always nice to sit and catch up with friends, especially in fun places where there are lots of things to photograph. xx Happy weekend to you. xxx

  2. I can't decide which of the animals I like the best! Love these photos Catherine x

  3. I miss the park outings too!!!
    That jacaranda is a stunner...I miss that!


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