Thursday, November 13

314-317/365 'Playing with my macro'

Two baby willy wag tails we saw come out from their nest.
A pretty flowered plant given to me by my Nan.
Ants crawling on my mint plant.  It is so very very dry here and they are desperate for some water.
 We were lucky to have had two kingfishers nest in a tree next door until I found one dead yesterday.  I was so upset to find it.  I haven't seen the other one since..
 We had a light shower of rain overnight so took the opportunity to take photos of the water droplets that covered the leaves on the ground.
A blanket of jacaranda flowers.
 A water droplet covered jacaranda flower.
 A fly.
 Looking through the wire at one of my chooks.


  1. will have so much fun with that macro lens. Look forward to seeing what you find to capture. Xxxx

  2. They are great pics and I love the one of the chicken. The precious post of photos is great as well. Do you ask the stall holders if they mind you taking a photo of their stall or do you just do it. I'm always taking photos in public but not sure of the right thing to do when you are up front and close at a market stall. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Stunning photos. I would love a macro lens though I would probably not use it that often. However the shots are endless and makes the smallest things seem so important.

  4. Yes, I love the chicken photo too - great photos all round. Must get me a macro!

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the chicken and the kingfisher wing (although not it's sad story). And what a cute pair of willy wag tails xx


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