Sunday, November 9


How has your weekend been?  Have you been exploring? Has the weekend already finished??? Today we decided to do a bit of exploring.  Our first stop in our exploring was a visit to the Northey Street Organic Markets. I have always wanted to visit but because of distance I haven't until today and it didn't disappoint.  We came home with lots of fruit and vegetables, not all I needed for the week ahead as I didn't go with a list unfortunately I wasn't quite that organised but what I did buy will all be eaten I'm sure of that.  If we are in the area again I will certainly stop by everything I need from fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy was all there. The Finders Keepers Market was on this weekend also, just down the road from the organic markets so that was our next stop.  I missed out earlier in the year so I knew I wanted to get there this time. There was so many beautifully made products, so much choice.  I did come home with a little bracelet for myself from a lovely shop I had been admiring for a while from Once Was Lost. My youngest miss bought herself some earrings and a Christmas tag for her teacher from Paper Boat Press. It was a really lovely day spending time with my family on such a sunny Sunday.  We came home later and just relaxed except for Molly who was very happy and keen to play ball.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and may your week be a good one too.


  1. Sounds lovely for so many, sunshine, made treats and fresh produce.
    Happy new week to you. Xxx

  2. I love the bracelet you bought and I've always admired the Paper Boat a Press ceramics. Our weekend was pretty quiet as it was a girls' weekend with Paul away at a cycling event down south. The girls and I just pottered, visited my mother-in-law and enjoyed a lovely relaxing Sunday breakfast at our favourite cafe. I hope you've had a nice week so far xx


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