Thursday, December 11


Today I took the girls out to the movies for a holiday treat. We took our bottles of water, fruit and a chocolate or two that they received as a gift the day before. I love having children and going to the movies with them, they really are so much fun.  When we came out of the movies the sky was dark, just waiting to rain.  Almost all afternoon it rained.  The sun came out briefly and when I saw it hit the rain it almost looked like fairy lights, it was beautiful. The rain is still falling softly, I hope it continues when it's time for bed, I love the sound of it on my tin roof.  I am so grateful for the rain we are receiving, bringing back life into my garden once again.


  1. amazing what a littl erain can do to the have captured it all beautifully....hope it continues in soft kindness. xxx

  2. Rain drops sure are pretty aren't they? I too love the sound of rain on our tin roof. We have had heaps of rain and we now have a full dam for our pony and watering our gardens and our house tank is also full. It is such a good feeling moving through the beginnings of summer with everything full of water. Hope you have a happy weekend Catherine. xxoo


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