Wednesday, December 10


Another week has passed me by and I'm sitting here and my mind has gone blank.. I do remember I have been a little crafty this week. I have all of my Christmas cards finished, sitting there waiting for me to write on them. I am pleased they are finished, the plan to have them posted by the 1st of December has gone out the window sadly.   Have you noticed though that people don't send out cards like they used to?  I used to get so many but over the last few years I have gotten much fewer, I still love the tradition of sending them out. We've had some rain this week.  A couple of storms, nothing serious but certainly welcome relief. The grass I think turned green before my eyes, it has been wonderful to see again.  My Miss 15 got her first part time job.  She works just a few hours a week in a little shop. It will be good for her, confidence building, independence and most of all money for her to enjoy how she wishes.  I am starting to feel old though, my first born going out to work, how can this be...We went to the park down by the river the other morning after dropping off Molly for a clip.  It was quiet, peaceful, we just sat together and chatted and had morning tea together.  A perfect morning with my girls uninterrupted, a little different to our park visits when they were younger, fun just the same. Enjoy the rest of your week I hope it's a wonderful one.


  1. I have asked myself the same question...old enough to have a working daughter??? Apparently yes!
    Congrats to her Meg is loving her part time job and the freedom of her own money.
    Glad the rain has come...hopefully a little more then a bright sunny Christmas Day for you.
    Enjoy your weekend. Xxxxxxx

  2. Beautiful Xmas cards. My Seven year old wrote a card to his whole class so that's where my energy went but starting next year I am mailing cards out again. It's a nice feeling to give and receive such a simple act of card giving.

  3. What lovely cards. We don't get many any more. I was hoping to write a Christmas letter this year, but as December rolls on, I somehow doubt I'm going to achieve this goal. Maybe I'll send an Easter one instead ha ha!!

  4. We definitely receive less cards, but I still send out just as many. I think that it is a lovely thing to do too. I love your Christmas tree photo - beautiful!! xx


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