Sunday, December 21


On Friday night we headed to the city for our Christmas tradition of dinner, gelato, a bit of Christmas shopping and a visit to the Christmas tree.  We got in there a little later than usual so there wasn't really any shopping which was fine but it does mean I still have a little to do this week....We bought our dinner and walked over to the tree but sadly it wasn't alight.  There was a light show on for little ones so we sat and watched while we ate dinner.  Then there was gelato eating, oh it is so good and a must visit if you are ever in the city. My favourite is the coconut flavour.  I probably should try another but when you like something you stick to it or at least I tend to.  So we walked back to the car after dinner stopping along the way to capture the city at night.  There has been a catch up with family this weekend and an exchange of gifts.  I love catching up and seeing my nieces and nephew, they grow up so fast, I do wish it was a little more often but life and other things can get in the way but we make the most of it when we do.  
How was your weekend?  Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
Wishing all of you a stress free week before Christmas.


  1. What a nice little outing tradition. No still some shopping to do here...hopefully in and out though. It is also seafood shopping tomorrow in preparation for our Christmas lunch. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and much peace and happiness. Xxxxx

  2. Love the Christmassy shot of your girls, Catherine! At the moment I'm sitting here thinking I really should be wrapping presents but part of me also thinks maybe that can wait until tomorrow? Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas Day! x

  3. Your eldest daughter is looking so much like you as she grows and matures. Beautiful night time captures.


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