Saturday, December 27

356-361/365 'Friends, Family and Festivities"

 And so just like that Christmas is over and done with for another year. The few days before Christmas kept me busy catching up with friends, last minute shopping and prepping the house for the family.  Towards the end I was getting a little overwhelmed, wanting to get things done just so, making sure the girls gifts were bought and if I'm honest dreading the day just a little. Christmas can bring with it a bit of a mixed bag of emotions and this year well just wasn't the same without Dad... It became very obvious how tired I was with a few mishaps come Christmas morning. Little daughters got big daughters underwear in her stocking, I forgot to hand all the presents under the tree and then when my Miss 15 was swinging listening to her music I asked her why she wasn't using her new speaker?? What speaker Mum, I didn't get a speaker!! Said speaker was still under the tree even though I had collected other gifts left under there minutes earlier hahah.  They were both good about my mishaps thankfully. Otherwise the day went well, everyone one was happy, we came together to be with each other and everyone went home tired and well fed. Today has been a quiet one, not doing very much at all with the weather being so wet it's been perfect to catch up on some relaxation.
How was your Christmas?  I hope it was a happy one spent with those you love.


  1. Great photos! That spot beside the water looks lovely Catherine.

    Christmas Day for us was very relaxed. We went to the beach and then spent the afternoon with my parents, one of my brothers and his family, with nibbles and dinner.

    I usually get a bit worked up over Christmas, because we can't please everyone with where we spend the day. But I was a bit better this year. I am slowly getting use to the idea that in life we can't please everyone.

    Take care and have fun xxoo

  2. There always seems to be so much to do leading up to Christmas. An extra hard one being the first without your dad. Lovely set of photos....
    We had a single mum from our church pass away unexpectedly the week before Christmas with her funeral two days before Christmas, leaving a 5 year old and 8 year old to be raised by grandparents. This event has caused me several times since to just pause and be grateful that I have today, for there are no guarantees - helps puts the fluster of life in perspective.

  3. The lead-up to Christmas is always so hectic and can definitely be overwhelming, especially when you are hosting a function on the day itself. Your backyard is so lovely in these photos and I can't get over how long your big girl's hair is now!!


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