Sunday, January 25

Catching up

I have had these photos on my camera for the last week and haven't bothered to load them not because I didn't want to see them but because I am putting off dealing with my computer storage dwindling.  Do you delete photos off your hard drive after you have copied them onto your external hard drive?  I am curious how others maintain storage on their computer.
Anyway back to the photos.  I took these last weekend when my little family and I went exploring Springbrook National Park.  We got up late as we frequently do these days with a teenager in the house and made the drive south.  Winding roads, overhanging trees, birds and the sound of fresh water, all those things make me smile and keep me happy. We walked and talked, we ate homemade sandwiches and they swam in the fresh water swimming hole, this is summer..
I will be back later with a special post, one to pause and remember my
Dad one year on.


  1. Photos all over the place me! Your pictures are incredibly beautiful! Hope you can work your storage issues out. xx

  2. So beautiful ....we have just had a week away campining and meg is sitting here next to me looking at your pics....all week she has said she wants us to find a freshwater swimming hole ...and there you have one....she wants to be there !!!!
    All our kids do was swim in a river off the rope swing.

    Photos ...I load them onto a external hard drive and wipe them from my camera....week don't know if that is what I should do or not.... Xxxxxx

  3. What a gorgeous spot! That waterfall looks lovely... to swim there must have been wonderful. I'm in the process of putting our photos onto an external hard drive but for now, I intend to still keep my photos on the computer (our external drive will be my back-up)...


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