Saturday, February 14

Exploring in the city

Happy Valentine's Day did you have a good day? Did you celebrate? I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my sweet hubby yesterday.  We aren't the kind to celebrate in a big way but still like to give a little something to each other.  No romantic dinner for us, the four of us sat in the city watching the sun set while eating dinner together tonight, a perfect Valentine's day in my books.
Today Miss 11 and I went for another photography walk, this time into the city and then the botanical gardens.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and not too hot, perfect summer weather.  I could grow to love summer if our days were all like these. We happened upon a side street in the city with the most gorgeous yarn bombing we couldn't resist taking photos of.  Then we made our way to the gardens taking photos whatever captured our attention.  It's lovely to have my little one take an interest in photography, to have someone to take photos with, maybe the two of us could do weddings together someday....
Have a fantastic Sunday. 


  1. Nice pictures, a very green city.


  2. Wasnt the weather perfect. Glad you made the most of it. Jx

  3. A perfect day! We have had a lovely weekend here too.

  4. How lovely that your girl loves her camera too...happy weekend , looks like it was off to a great start. X

  5. Gorgeous photos! Is Miss 11 printing out her photos to keep in an album or just enjoying practising her photography. Sounds like a lovely day Catherine xx

  6. Ohh those beautiful Marigolds. Your photography is stunning Catherine. I think you and your daughter would make a wonderful team for wedding photo-taking. x

  7. Beautiful pics and I agree it's lovely your daughter having an interest in photography and you can explore together. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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