Saturday, February 7


It's been a busy couple of weeks here with the girls returning to school and then my youngest celebrated another birthday. Things are now slowly becoming routine again which I don't mind.
Today while my hubby and oldest were off doing their running thing Miss 11 and I needed to occupy ourselves for an hour.  So with cameras in hand we explored some of the grounds of the University of Queensland.  It is such big campus and the grounds are beautiful I couldn't help but share photos of our walk around with you. 
Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Hello,

    what a great thing to do together....there is always such peacefulness around a university on the weekends but yet interesting things around each corner.
    Happy rest of the weekend to you. xxx

  2. It looks like a lovely spot to wander, a bit like our University of Western Australia here in Perth. My Mum used to take my sister and I there for a walk sometimes when we were little and I can still remember the beautiful grounds and architecture now. I adore the last photo of Miss 11. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Catherine xx

  3. Wow it really does look like a stunning place :)

  4. My old uni - studied and then worked there for many years (psych department). Looking fed to visiting again in a few weeks time for a training workshop. You have reminded me to take my camera along. Thank you!

  5. I never imagined it being so classically beautiful! So much like UWA.
    Miss 11 is looking good!!


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