Thursday, April 2

This week and a winner

Hello, how has your week been? Mine has been pretty good, it was the last week of term this week so we are all in holiday mode here now which is a nice feeling. I have been trying to pick up the camera everyday so I thought taking up a photography challenge would encourage me a little more.  I came across Beth's blog via Click it up a Notch and really like her enthusiasm for photography and I also liked her monthly photography prompts which is just what I need to get back into blogging more regularly.  So yesterday I took myself out before the school pick up and did a little photography walk,  I was so glad I did.  

And I am so sorry it has taken me till today to announce the blog giveaway winner.  Thank you to all you, the lovely ladies who took the time to comment and enter.  The winner of the giveaway was Bron!! Congratulations Bron.

Enjoy your long weekend.  Have a wonderful Easter everyone.


  1. Catherine, your photos are so perfect! x

  2. Would that be me???? Oh you are too kind...a giveaway is not needed to come and enjoy your gorgeous space. Xxxxx
    Happy Easter xxxx

  3. Those homemade treats look delicious. I made a batch of Monte Carlos a couple of weeks back and used the last of my homemade peach jam, they didn't last long.
    The gum blossom photo is stunning. x


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