Monday, April 6

Our Easter

 It was a quiet Easter this year, just a small gathering.  
The girls got far too many Easter eggs and we got far too much chocolate.  I do like chocolate though.
Today it was time to be with friends, to connect with those who are their to support and care for us.
A drive through the country, up to Maleny to the Maleny Botanical Gardens, thank you Kathy for the fantastic idea.  We then finished the day beside the sea.  It really was the perfect way to celebrate Easter, I feel content, grateful and blessed. Thank you Sally and Brett for making Easter Monday a great day for us.
I hope your Easter was filled with chocolate, family and special memories.


  1. Hello, we had quiet too....and too much chocolate also...but how do you do a egg hunt with a little chocolate.

    The rest of your weekend looks lovely too. Xxx

  2. I love chocolate too - although I've been quite good so far!! (have a hidden stash though)
    We had a beach trip over the weekend too

  3. I have eaten my own weight in chocolate!!! I have no self control - if it's there, I scoff it. Hopeless.Our Easter weekend was very quiet but relaxing all round. Your photos just keep getting better and better Catherine!!

  4. So glad you went to Maleny to see the birds and the view my kids still talk about it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. Funny all these little eggs. Love the variety of our pictures.


  6. We have SO much chocolate here too. Even though I told my Mum and mother in law and sister to just buy the girls something tiny, we seem to have so much! I'm thinking of breaking some eggs up to put in chocolate chip biscuits...


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