Thursday, June 18

Another Foggy Morning

 We woke to another morning of fog today.  Although I haven't committed to an official 365 project again this year, I have been making a conscious effort to pick up my camera every single day. I decided this morning I would pick up my camera and I thought about where I could go to capture the fog in it's beauty. Last time I went down by the river, today I tried a lookout.  The fog lingered for quite sometime this morning, much longer than I had thought it would.  It was so thick I could feel my eyes going blurry trying to focus.  So while I was waiting I took photos of what I could see around me, exploring my surroundings from different angles.  It's amazing how beautiful water can be, it's droplets forming on the wire, on webs in trees and the reflections found in the puddles. I loved taking in all of the finer details around me and my concerns about exploring on my own just disappeared.
Do you often go exploring on your own or do you prefer to do it with other?


  1. Exploring - alone or with company! Depends! I am very fickle! xx

  2. What a great set of photos of the foggy morning, I actually missed it myself. I'll be in touch after the hols...

  3. Catherine...these photos are great! I used to go exploring on my own a lot last year, when I was working part-time. I miss that alone time so much. I've hardly picked up my camera this year!! Exploring with the family is good too. We have a holiday to NZ coming up, so I'm looking forward to some much needed included!


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