Saturday, June 20

Around the garden

 I don't know why I haven't found the groove I once had for creating and gardening, that passion and drive to get outside and do and make.  I'm not sure whether I lost it slowly from when I found out my Dad was sick and then learning to live without a parent.  Maybe it's because I have lost myself in the web and my desire to see what everyone else is doing.  I do know that I love to take photos and create that way each day, trying to perfect my craft.  I think it may be all of those things and a lack of sleep.  Lately I haven't slept quite like I would like so I am trying to get off the computer at least half an hour before bed, having a nice cup of sleep tea and doing some reading but still I wake through the night.  I spoke to a pharmacist today and she spoke about whether I may lack melatonin and that cherry juice is good to help with that.  So I bought some cherry juice too.  
As you can see my gardening efforts are a little small and I need to weed as well but there has been a least some effort made, and as I always tell my girls a little is better than none. 
 Do you have any helpful hints to treat insomnia?  I would love to hear.


  1. Sorry, I don't have any advice for insomnia, but I am so sorry that you are suffering. What I can say is that I always sleep better when I am tired and working in the garden is a great way to tire me out. So perhaps if you can find your gardening bug and get out there that might help a bit? I hope that things improve very soon. xx

  2. No help here but I am keen to know if you find something......I can hear all you are saying...I have lost my way too....lost in the every changing world around, children,busyness and trying to be true to who I am....
    Keep picking up that camera and recording the beauty that lies around you. Xxxxxxx

  3. I am not sure how to help with insomnia except to try to look at the cause of it and treat that. We are regularly woken in the night here with a boy learning to sleep all night and, if it's around that 2am mark, I will often find myself 'awake' and thinking. I keep a notebook and journal near my bed and I use that time to write lists, thoughts, draw etc. It seems to help because then it's out on the page and I often then find it easier to drift off to sleep then.
    In terms of losing yourself, I too find this sometimes when I catch myself looking at other people's lives on their blogs and being bombarded with so many ideas almost leaves me at the point of inertia. Too much inspiration! When I do go out to the garden, even if it's just to pick some lettuce for lunch, and feel that warm sun on my shoulders or smell the herbs, I know that real life happens in my home and garden and that's where I like to be! Sleep well!

  4. I haven't done much gardening either when I know if I plant veggies it makes me happy just feeling a bit lazy getting outside too. Reading in bed makes me fall asleep in 10 mins but I watch tv in bed and set it to turn off by itself so when I fall asleep it goes off. A least you have some lettuce planted. Kathy


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