Tuesday, July 7

A walk in the park

 We always make a trip into the city each holidays.
We have wander around the Botanical Gardens and spot to have lunch and enjoy the view.
Then if we feel up to it we do a bit of window shopping, sometimes I can convince the girls to go to the Art Gallery too but we didn't this time.
It really is just a simple day but a day to spend together, relaxing and getting out of the house which they love.
I'm hoping that they will remember this when they are older and smile.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day. I will be traveling with my two boys for several weeks through Colorado and Utah and it's not always easy to keep them happy. The things I like aren't always up to par for them. That would include museums or historical tours. :) Hopefully we will get in lots of hiking, though. The park pictures are lovely. Especially as I sit here as a dust storm swirls outside. Yuck! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. They certainly will remember ....our two are always saying " remember when....." . You are helping create the simplest of memories for them to trade off for life. Xxx

  3. Beautiful blooms. I must admit, the wattle is my favourite :)


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