Saturday, July 11


 Today was a beautiful day.
Today I was able to meet a wonderful lady called Bron who I met through blogging some time ago now. 
Today we chatted over hot chocolate about life and our families like we were old friends.
Thank you for today Bron I had such a beautiful time meeting you.
Thank you for catching up with me, taking the time out of your holiday and for your lovely family making it possible.
Enjoy your holiday, may you create lots of wonderful memories.


  1. How lovely to get to meet a fellow blogger, I know from my own experiences how wonderful and how much fun it can be!! I hope that you can meet again sometime!! xx

  2. Thank was a beauituful afternoon in a beautiful glad we were ble to make it happen and add it to the memories we are creating as a family. Xxxxxxx

  3. Uplifting flowers pics for a dreary winter day. Thank you. It's so very lovely and special to meet a blogging friend.

  4. Oh I would have loved to meet up with you two lovely ladies.....looks like Bron had a lovely holiday in the Sunshine State, luckily it was last week and not this "chilly" week. Kathy

  5. What beautiful, colourful blooms! It's always nice meeting blogging friends in real life, isn't it? It feels like you already know each other, even when you're meeting for the first time! :)


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