Tuesday, September 8

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year I asked my hubby what he wanted to do for his special day. I thought he might have chosen the beach but instead he came up with a drive to the country, Mt Barney National Park.  It's been on his list of things to do for a while he said....mmm.  So as requested we made the drive to Mt Barney which was pretty good till we got to the dirt road, I really don't like dirt roads much.  Anyhow we set up the bbq and had some lunch before we made the drive to our second destination for our walk.  It wasn't any kind of walk it was a 8.2km walk and a grade 4 track so lots of steep hills and slowly going down, crossing a little creek and climbing through rocks.  Lucky it was Father's Day and well it was nice to be outdoors together too so it was a good day.

I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day too.


  1. LOL...did you have sore legs after a trek like that? Love that photo of your three posers, just like a catalogue shot!

  2. You've really captured the natural beauty of your environment. I love that bbq!

  3. Looks like a great day! Hope you all enjoyed it! xx

  4. That BBQ looks pretty good sounds like you had a huge walk. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. Great way to enjoy your great outdoors and each others company

  6. A beautiful day out which is best done now while your girls are old enough to manage the tracks yet young enough to still be with you for long family days out. Sounds like a great way to celebrate Father's Day!


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