Monday, September 7


September would have to be one our busiest months or that's what it feels like.  We have a birthday in our family, Father's day, another family members birthday, our anniversary too, a teen who works and a birthday present whale watching adventure too this month.  I think we are pretty much booked up each weekend of the month.  It doesn't always happen so I suppose a busy month here and there is ok but it sure isn't the way I like to work. These photos are from last weekend when we celebrated my Miss 16's birthday with family down by the bay.  Her requests were for family, fish and chips and cake, simple and just perfect.

Thank you so much for all of those who still take the time to stop by my little space here.  Blogging is much quieter than it used to be so when I get a visit from you it sure does make my day.


  1. It does sound perfect....happy Birthday to your gorgeous big girl.....busy is the end of the fast has it come around.
    Always good to,have an update on your goings on xxxxx

  2. Sounds as though September is going to be busy with lots of fun things going on! Hope you have a great time! xx


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