Tuesday, November 3


 The other weekend the three of us went for a little walk because I was keen to capture all the purple that is around this Spring.  We have a bit of purple in our yard too with a small jacaranda tree, so much larger than it was when we first moved into our home all those years ago.  Even my little sage plant has come into flower this spring for the first time.  It is wonderful when you just take a little bit of time to be aware, being mindful about what surrounds you, so much beauty.  These days I am always taking notice of the changes in the seasons and trying to embrace them even when Summer comes.....


  1. Sounds like our place too, only our trees are a week or two behind yours. Beautiful purples everywhere. Also trying to embrace each season here, even summer, for we are only granted so many to enjoy.

  2. Love love love jacaranda trees...wish we had room in our garden to plant one. Xxx

  3. Jacaranda trees always make such a pretty show. There's a lot of them near Grace's school and one house in particular has a whole front lawn of 'purple carpet' every year come spring time.


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