Sunday, November 1

Sunday plans

Saturday I thought it might be nice to go visit my Mum, with no plans made for Sunday there was now a plan in place to go to the country. So I got busy in the kitchen baking some yummy treats to take with us banana choc chip muffins, party popcorn and raw caramel slice along with some scary finger biscuits Miss 11 made. We all sat out on the deck eating, chatting and drinking tea.  There was some present giving too, my Nan celebrated her 88th birthday a couple of weeks ago!! After way to much food we wandered the garden, noticing the spring details in the garden.  I was lovely to see the mulberry tree bearing fruit and being able to eat some straight from the tree, a childhood must I think.
How was your weekend?


  1. What a beautiful surroundings to spend the time in....hope you haven't been too beaten with the nasty weather this week. Xxx

  2. What a lovely place to be able to visit with all the lovely garden details xx


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