Friday, January 1

Happy New Year

Hello and happiest of New Years to you!!  Thank you so much for the beautiful words you left me on my last post.  It would seem I have the kindest blog friends and that we all feel the same about blogging.  Wouldn't it be lovely if blogging got a resurgence?  Maybe if more of us get back into blogging it might, I really miss the community feel that I got from blogging everyday.  With today being the first day of the new year it's time to reflect on last years goals and write some for the year ahead.

* This year saw me have a burst of creative energy just before Christmas.  I made cards throughout the year for birthdays, started a crochet project and a knitting project but I haven't quite completed them yet. So as far as the expectation I had of myself I didn't quite get there but that's for this year!!.
* I regularly went to yoga only missing some session over the Christmas period.  I joined the gym and have been regularly going at least a couple of times a week.  I did some facials on myself and saw a naturopath and have been taking probiotics regularly too. (must buy some more) So I would give myself a big tick when it comes to achieving this goal.
* I haven't picked up my camera daily but I am regularly taking photos.  I bought a magazine subscription to help me continue to be inspired by my passion.
* Gardening....this was probably one of my biggest downfalls.  The motivation would come and go and the overwhelming nature of having things neat and my growing failures made for a very minimal growing year.
* Being present and calm I did for the most part.  Paying attention and being in the moment without getting distracted was when I was my best at achieving this goal.  Overall I think I did well and if I had moments of being less than calm I was happy to apologise and accept my mistakes.
* A happier me....mostly.  I have slowly been opening up to others with some hesitation but trying to remember who I am and those who truly know me will know that I speak with kindness in my heart and those who think otherwise I do not have much time for.
* Has 2015 been a great year? It sure has been.  There have been ups and downs but I have my beautiful family, my friends, good health food to eat, money for bills and a place to call home.  I am very grateful for my year of learning and ready for the New Year, 2016 is going to be great!!

I love a new year, a fresh start figuratively speaking. So what do I want to achieve for 2016?
* To focus on making my home beautiful with handmade and natural objects.  Beeswax candles, handmade cushions and beautiful linens, to create more.
* To focus on being organised with gifts and handmade cards and motivated for birthdays, anniversaries and yearly events like Easter and Christmas.
* To focus on continuing to be motivated by reading, listening and exploring what makes my heart sing.
* To focus on my fitness and health journey.  Getting myself to bed early, looking after my mind, body and spirit.
* Focus on not allowing my fear to stop me creating, sewing, knitting, crocheting and photography.  Fear is a state of mind not a state of being.
* Focus on the good people, let go of all that does not serve me, learn from it and move forward.

A relaxed mind,
A peaceful soul,
A joyful spirit,
 A healthy body and heart full of love....
These are my wishes for you..
Happiest of New Years to you.

Have you made any New Years resolutions?  Wishing you all a wonderful first day of the new year.


  1. Happy New Year! Good luck with everything. xx

  2. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2016! A relaxed state of mind is something I aspire to ... hopefully this year xxx Leah

  3. Happy new year!
    You've achieved some wonderful things over 2015! I like creating lists like that sometimes, it can be surprising just how much has happened or how many goals you have ticked off.
    I don't really make New Years resolutions as I tend to make them all through the head. I'm hoping to get more knitting done this year, and for it overall to be calm and peaceful. We'll see ;-)

    1. That's supposed to be "all through the year". Blast auto correct!

  4. My resolution involves sewing and my word for 2016 was inspired by wombats! Will have to see how that pans out over the coming months.

    All the best for 2016, I'm sure your focus goal will keep you focussed!

  5. Fabulous list of will be a wonderful year just because they are your focus. Xxxxxxx

  6. You've done so well with your goals this year Catherine!! Especially with fitness, something I need to start prioritising. I like your guiding goals for 2016 too xx


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