Monday, January 25

Hello there.... how did so much time go by again between posts, I am sorry.  Life has been pretty good I really shouldn't complain too much although it's good to get things out too. We have done a bit of exploring over the holidays but not too much really, I must book a holiday for next school holidays I think.  
Tomorrow will be the last day of the holidays for the girls then back to school for them.  It's going to be a busy year for us with my girl entering her final year of high school and my youngest beginning her high school journey.  There will be lots of things happening to keep us busy, making decisions about what to do after school, a drivers licience to get wow it's hard to believe that my baby is growing up so much.  So lately this has been on my mind, my Nan is also unwell which is not good.  She is in good spirits and is being lovingly cared for by my Mum which I think is making such a difference.... Ahh life is a journey isn't it full of ups and downs and it's all about trying not to fight them but roll with them. Well sorry for the heavy photo post I hope that you enjoy them.
I hope your January has been a happy one.


  1. Beautiful glimpses into your much nicer because I got to have lunch with you in real. Thanks for the sharing of lunch and the sharing of the life journey we are on.....keep snapping away those snippets of life that show where all the time goes. xxx

  2. Good to hear from you and to see your beautiful photos. I hope that all will be well for your grandmother. xx

  3. Love all your photos!! The beach scenes are particularly beautiful. Where did you take the koala shot? I'm sorry to hear your Nan isn't well. Is this your Dad's Mum? Hope all goes well for the first few days of high school for your youngest xx

  4. Beautiful photos, Januarys are often full, hard to get time to blog etc, hope all goes well as your family gets back into a bit of a routine :)


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