Monday, October 31

Life Right Now

Where do I start? I can start with the gorgeous blooms I took photos of when my hubby, my youngest and I went for a walk around Mt Cootha botanical gardens a few weeks ago.  It was a very warm Spring day, much warmer than I expected so our walk wasn't too long.  I do love how my family will entertain me and my desire to take photos.  I was expecting a few more flowers in bloom. I'm not sure whether that was because we were a little early... Anyway there was still blooms to find and enjoy.
I am feeling the need to get out and take some photos lately.  I think I have mentioned before though my computer is getting full of photos and I am quickly running out of space and there is becoming a more urgent need to upgrade my computer.  I think that is partly the reason and the other is the ongoing issues with my Nan's estate just when we thought things were resolved.... Today it really seems to have gotten on top of me.  I had a bit of a cry actually.  I have been trying to do my best to stay positive but never did I see this next hurdle come our way in getting things finalised. All I want is for my Nan's wishes to be met and for my family to have the sun shining in their faces.  The woe is me feelings have gotten to the best of me.  I have much to be grateful for and so much exciting change is happening with my oldest's schooling years coming to an end.  What the problem is my thoughts.  I need to be mindful, not allow them to drift to the past or into the future which is only causing me angst. So how can I shake this feeling off?  Take a deep breath, go and pamper myself with a fresh coat of nail polish on my toenails and go and cut out that purse pattern I have meaning to do.  Yes that's a good start I think.  How do you get past those overwhelming feelings and move forward?  I would love to know.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time, dealing with someones estate is a difficult job to handle, I hope that it eases soon. Your photos are beautiful, and so are the flowers of course. I can see why you have so many pictures when you take such beautiful ones.

  2. The Mt. Coot-tha Botanic Gardens are one of my favourite places to wander. I lose hours there! When things get on top of me it is to the garden, my own usually, that I go. Some time there, digging in the soil or watering or watching my little native bees come and go to/from their hives, always makes me focus just on that moment and to feel very grateful for the blessings of my life. Meg:)

  3. I'm late to read your post. But I understand the overwhelming feelings well. I create time and space for myself - which for me equals some solo time, journalling, photo-taking, at the beach. It seems to help those emotions shift as they need to. I hope you are feeling much better. Such gorgeous captures here, as always. Wishing you and your family a most beautiful Christmas Catherine. xx


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