Saturday, December 31

2016 Goal Recap

Well hello out there.  It has been a while since I have been in this space.  I visit blogger often and visit those who still blog to see what they are up to but I have been rather quiet here.  I feel like life has been a bit of an uphill hike these last couple of months.  There are still ongoing issues with my Nan's will, I am still positive that her wishes will be fulfilled though the journey to get there is a windy one.  My oldest daughter finished high school which was a momenteous occasion full of happiness and sadness, a new journey for her and for us as parents.  It is such a strange feeling having one of your children finish school, with me wondering how quickly those years did fly by.  So next year I will have an adult in my home, it's time to let go....

With that all being said I couldn't finish my year off without reflecting on my goals for 2016, my year  about  FOCUS. Here's a little summary of my goals.

* To focus on making my home beautiful with handmade and natural objects. Beeswax candles, handmade cushions and beautiful linens, to create more.  
In my home I tried to introduce some plants into the bathroom and living room.  My success had been a bit touch and go I have to say but I have been persistent, if one dies just try again.  I have bought beautiful beeswax candles to light at dinner time.  My plan was to make some which I haven't quite done yet but I have all the makings for lots of beautiful handmade candles.  As for making cushions sadly I haven't done a lot of sewing until Christmas.  I have though been conscious choosing to buy things that are natural when we need them, like new organic bed sheets.
* To focus on being organised with gifts and handmade cards and motivated for birthdays, anniversaries and yearly events like Easter and Christmas.
Well I still have been making all of my cards for birthdays and this Christmas all of my cards were made by the end of November which was pretty exciting for me.  As for being organised ahead of time I would have to say I still wasn't great but there were fewer late birthday gift arrivals this year.  I had most of my Christmas shopping done I would say about a week before Christmas which wasn't too bad.  It is an area I still need to work on I think but my struggle is usually with coming up with gift ideas which always puts me behind so if I can work on the ideas ahead of time that might help...
* To focus on continuing to be motivated by reading, listening and exploring what makes my heart sing.
This year I was very focussed by reading each evening books that made my heart sing.  I listened to many podcasts on my phone and while I was in the kitchen, some inspirational and some for fun.  I love this goal and it's one that I will continue with always.
* To focus on my fitness and health journey. Getting myself to bed early, looking after my mind, body and spirit.
I would say every week pretty much, I have done some form of exercise.  I go the the gym several times each week and up until the end of school I was going to yoga every week too which I loved.  I still continue to eat as healthy as possible at the same time having a treat too otherwise it would be too hard to maintain.  As far as the getting to bed early well I didn't do so well with that and continue to go to bed too late.  It really is something I want to improve so I have bought a book on creating habits which I am hoping will help me create a good habit of going to bed earlier.
* Focus on not allowing my fear to stop me creating, sewing, knitting, crocheting and photography. Fear is a state of mind not a state of being.
I haven't been as creative as I would like to have been this year.  I have still been crocheting but haven't really pushed myself to do any different techniques.  This Christmas though I have taken myself into the craft room and have been sewing.  One of the projects, a simple purse, wasn't difficult but it was a tedious project which I procrastinated about.  I did eventually push through and did make them, four in fact which was great.  I don't think any knitting was done, I did get creative throughout the year making things for birthdays and other events.  My photography as been a little slow but fairly consistent.  My issue again is with space on my laptop which I hope to solve with a new laptop in the new year.
* Focus on the good people, let go of all that does not serve me, learn from it and move forward.
This was really tricky for me this year.  After my Nan passed away life changed, the journey was rocky for my family.  Issues arose and people became challenging. To this day their actions can still hold an impact but I am working each day at letting things go and know that things are going to work out how they are meant to.

This year has challenged and tested me.  I have grown as a person and am happy with my journey, learning that I am strong, capable and excited about the future.  Tomorrow I will be back with my new goals and my new word.  Until tomorrow my friends.  A very, very Happy New Year to you!!! May your year be filled with things that make you happy, shine within and lots of love.


  1. I have been reading and enjoying many podcasts too but lacking in the excercise department this year. It's so good you manage that much excercise, it's so important for self care. This is something I definitely will work on weekly this year. I always adore your handmade cards and loved the purses you made for Christmas gifts. It sounds heartbreaking loosing your gran and then being disappointed by people regarding her death. Hopefully 2017 will be a fresh start and a little distance from that time may help.


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