Tuesday, January 3

My New Goals for 2017

Sorry it took me a couple of day to return to this space.  After watching a documentary the other day I was challenged by my daughter to give up instagram and my computer for the day, so I took up her challenge and coped well although I did use my phone to go on the internet... I would like to make a habit of this each week and next time not use the internet at all.  I wonder how I will go..

After some thought I have come up with my word for the year Nurture.  I was outside in the garden walking around and looking at my plants when the word came to me.  It seemed apt after a recent conversation I had with my husband one afternoon.  This year I will:

Nurture my relationship with my husband, my daughters, my family and friends.  I will take time to go out on regular dates again with my husband, have some one on one time with my girls and organise to have more catch ups with my friends both in person and chats on the phone. We will go on a holiday as a family to New Zealand together to see the snow.

Nurture my mind through creating a daily meditation practice, reading and enrolling in a photography course through ClicknMoms and also a course in soap making at Green Living Australia.

Nurture my body through nourishing foods, exercising at the gym 2-3 times per week and yoga weekly.  I will get one massage for myself and take time to go for bush walk on the weekend.

Nurture myself creatively by making one item for myself, making cards and gifts for my family and friends.  I will continue to pursue my passion for photography by taking photos daily and take photos for a family.  To push myself through the fear I feel when I go to make something or do something out of my comfort zone.

Nurture my home through decluttering each room and donating items to charity.  I will nurture my garden by planting  summer seedlings and tending to it for an hour each week.

Well I have to say that feels refreshing.  A new year, a new start, a new zest for getting back into life. I'm ready! How are you feeling about the New Year?  Have you set yourself some goals?  I'd love to hear.  Happy New Year my friends.


  1. Love this! Nurture sounds beautiful. I have chosen breathe but I am yet to blog about it... later this week i hope. I love your family / relationship goals. I am aiming for similar. Wishing you a wondrous nurturing year Catherine xx

  2. It all sounds so wonderful, Catherine. I could feel myself relaxing as I imaged your journey of nurturing yourself and all the areas of your life. Just beautiful. So happy to know you :).

    Btw, my word for 2017 is Refinement ;).


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