Wednesday, September 16

A Healthy Picnic Lunch

To celebrate what the children have been learning in class they got to have a picnic today and invite their family. I got to go and take a healthy lunch for both of us and watch her have fun doing some fun activities outside.

I really like to cook my girls things to take in their lunch box, I think part of that is because my Mum used to do it for me and also because I know what is going into their little bodies. This week though I just haven't managed my time and so haven't done any cooking for school. In our lunch boxes you can see corn chips which I found on special yesterday that are all organic so I figured they had to be healthy and I relented and bought yogurt. I usually make yogurt in the yogurt maker but they just won't eat it and no matter how many different flavours I try, it doesn't seem to work.:( I can always keep trying but the yogurt I bought has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeah! So even though I haven't cooked I think that I pass the healthy food lunch box. What sort of things do you put in your lunch boxes and how do you keep it interesting? I would love to know your thoughts, it can be hard to always think of things to pack for them so they don't get bored. Talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by! Bye.

Smiles Catherine xox

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  1. Looks yummy! My son only goes to school two days a week but he usually gets Pimento cheese sandwiches and fruit. He is soooooo picky (like me) and doesn't like a whole lot that is good for him... that doesn't need to be served warm! I worry about his little body too! I need to pray more about his eating habits! He won't even try most things! I don't know what to do about it but pray!


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