Thursday, September 17

Some sewing to show you

Hi there everyone! I hope you had a good day. My Miss 5 and Miss 10 are going to a birthday party on the weekend so I thought I would make a bag to give the gift in rather than to wrap it in paper. I went to the local fabric shop and saw some pretty fabric but I thought I should try and use what I have already at home, that's when I thought a felt bag would be a quick and easy thing to make. For me it was pretty easy but not quick, hopefully the more I sew the quicker I will get but for now I'll keep trying. It was also the first time I made some yoyos, so quick and easy, I loved making them. I also thought I would put in this picture of a pale headed Rosella who has been visiting my bird feeder recently. This was the best picture of the bird I could get, enjoy! Bye!

Smiles Catherine x


  1. Great bag!! Very cute... I wish I could sew! I need to learn!!

  2. Great bag! Love the idea of making a bag instead of raping. Wow, the pale headed Rosella is impressive. Never seen one, are they common? xox

  3. fabulous blog, luv the variety.....your family is sweeeet!

    enjoy *~*


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